Big Top Marquees

Big Top Marquees provide a sophisticated look for any event. The roof is sculptured, has high peaks and tall poles all around the sides which gives it a traditional yet modern feel. It is suitable for a wide range of events - from smaller tents for just 40 guests to large marquees suitable for a 500 delegate conference. The marquees can be fully or partially lined, and lighting added to create different effects.

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Modern Marquees

Modern Marquees (framed clear span marquees) offer more flexibility than traditional ones as they can fit into many different places and some more awkward sized and limited accessibility areas. They can be placed very close to buildings or be totally free standing, depending on your needs. They can provide anything from a small to a large area of space. Please contact us for your individual size requirements.

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Chinese Hat Marquees

Chinese Hat Marquees are ideal for creating a separate focal point away from the main marquee. They can provide a pleasant spot for guests to relax in away from the crowds and can be furnished with cushions for an informal look, or with sofas for a more elegant atmosphere. Chinese Hat Marquees can also make a striking bar area or be used for intimate garden parties.

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"Thank you most sincerely for a really fantastic result in the supply of the marquee for our High Holy Day services. I was immensely helped by your constant and every ready support and advice. You not only produced what you promised but on many occasions went far beyond it. Brian Pearl, Northwood & Pinner Synagogue